Watch the film Big Short…I am more than convinced the world needs Bitcoins

I just watched The Big Short, its about multiple group of people who saw the 2008 economy collapse and shorted their positions. After watching I am more than convinced that big financial instituions do not care about us. They neither cared about the people who shorted, and only 1 went to jail. Immigrants were blamed for the financial crisis. I can understand what led Satoshi to create Bitcoin.

We need bitcoins. period. We need a way to store our money in a decentralized value, without worrying whether it will fall or no. I think Bitcoin ETFs will be a bad idea. Traditional bankers will get into the ecosystem, and f*** it up. They always have, and always will do.

What do you think?

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Lightning Network convinced me to run a full node.

Ive been here since a long time and I've never really had a compelling reason to run a full node other than to verify my own transactions. But since the inception of the lightning network and all the funny / cool / silly apps that are cropping up, I decided to fire up my own to explore the programmability of layer 2. I feel like L2 has the potential to attract more web devs and js script kids like myself to this space.

Has there been a significant increase in nodes since the inception of LN?

Edit: Would also like to mention that im running on a pi3b+ i found for $ 30 with a 1tb external hard drive that cost me like $ 50. Im using the memory card to boot from an usb stick because my mmc kept getting corrupted. Syncing took pretty long like 5 weeks, dont know if that is normal, but might have to do with my setup.

Edit 2: I followed this excellent guide

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bill Harris Remains Convinced Bitcoin Is a Scam, but Does Anyone Care?

It has been at least a full week since we last heard a highly controversial statement regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to PayPal Founding CEO and Former Intuit CEO Bill Harris, Bitcoin is the greatest scam ever. A statement like that from an individual who sees his business models …
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I am convinced that bystanders still look at the bitcoin price like a stock price, not a monetary paradigm shift. It’s not a bubble yet.

Blue chip stocks rarely move more than +/- 5% in one day or are seldom ever valued over $ 10,000. There are no stock splits in bitcoin. Headlines with "bubble" seem to be littering the cryptosphere lately. It feels like a discussion between analysts of Google stock heading toward the $ 1,000 threshold. In my opinion, Trace Mayer's brilliant analogy of bitcoin as an intensifying black hole on the world's balance sheet is the best lens through which to view crypto. It is nowhere near bubble territory yet.

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