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UASF Segwit Activation in 2 months and counting!

We need to keep this information at the top of this Sub and ensure everyone upgrades their nodes to support this. Not necessarily this post, MANY different posts!

This is how we, as the users, move Bitcoin forward to new heights and by getting enough nodes signalling many miners will change their support before it even activates which will ensure a totally smooth transition for us.

But this is a grassroots operation, the Core developers are not lobbying this for us so we need to put the effort in ourselves to ensure this gets publicity.

I heard yesterday that the 6% of people already signalling for the UASF will not renege their support and so there WILL be action taken in 2 months – we need to ensure that what happens is successful and the next 2 months (as a result) is BULLISH for the Bitcoin price in anticipation of the prime scaling solution activating on Bitcoin. The time really is now, right in the spot-light of the world and at the ATH.

Can someone (s) with the adequate ability please step up to create the appropriate awareness campaign and get the admin here to sticky a notice at the top to ensure people upgrade their nodes literally asap? We have only 2 months to do this so we need real effort from the community to ensure this is a great success.

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