Tel Aviv Court Forces Bank to Accept Funds From Sale of Bitcoin

Hapoalim claimed that there was a reasonable basis for concern that the sale of bitcoin was linked to money laundering and financing of terror, this despite the existence of documents indicating the exact source of the funds used for the purchase in this case and enabling ability to track the money from …
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Russia’s Supreme Court Overturns Decision to Block Bitcoin Website (

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation has struck down the ban imposed on the portal. The outlet is one several dozens of crypto-related websites that have been taken offline by the Russian authorities in the past few years. The decision sets a precedent which and is likely to determine the faith of many other online editions. The ruling should also put an end to arbitrary decisions by Russian prosecutors and judges.
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Indian Exchange Takes Central Bank to Court Over Bank Ban (

The Indian bitcoin community keeps fighting for their rights to operate freely in the country like any other industry. The latest show of defiance is a petition to the court against the actions of the Reserve Bank of India by the operators of a local exchange.
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Bitcoin is Gaining Legitimacy in Europe as Dutch Court Deems it Transferable Value

Earlier this week, a Dutch court described bitcoin as a transferable value during a case that requested Koinz Trading BV to pay mining proceeds worth $ 5,000, or 0.591. The court explicitly stated that property rights apply to bitcoin, given that as a cryptocurrency, it is able to transfer value in a peer-to-peer …
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Dutch Court Ruling States that Bitcoin has “Transferable Value”

In what is being perceived as a landmark judgment, a Dutch court has recently ruled in favor of an applicant who was owed 0.591 BTC by a private company about a crypto mining dispute. In keeping with the ruling, the court stated that Bitcoin meets all of the criteria that allow classification under the …
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