Bitcoin will lose its crown amid 90% crash in cryptos, investment bank warns

Read: Have bitcoin investors become irrationally bullish again? “While this correction will be critical to cutting through the hype, its lack of impact on financial institutions will create new phenomena that we have never seen in any previous bubble burst,” wrote Sebastian Markowsky, the lead author of the …
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Bitcoin price crash fears raised after Mt Gox transfers 16000 tokens

The cryptocurrency exchange Mt Gox has moved 16,000 bitcoins out of its wallet to an address that may be associated with an exchange desk. Selling this many Bitcoins at once, which are currently valued at over £100 million, could prove disastrous for the value of the cryptocurrency. Supply of the …
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Cryptocurrency price crash predicted as bankrupt bitcoin exchange Mt Gox moves $144m worth of …

The defunct cryptocurrency exchange Mt Gox has moved 16,000 bitcoins from its vaults to an unknown address, sparking concerns of an imminent price crash. The current market value of the bitcoins is more than $ 140 million, according to the CoinMarketCap price index, which values one bitcoin at …
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Ethereum’s ICO Whales Can Crash the Market at Any Time (

Crypto whales are generally thought of as wealthy traders with the ability to move markets via a single sell order. Yet the greatest whales of all aren’t traders but ICOs which own millions of ether worth billions of dollars. Over 3% of the total ethereum supply is estimated to be in the hands of ICOs, and when those projects cash out, as periodically happens, the effects can be dramatic.
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Bitcoin is unfolding like the dotcom crash — just 15 times faster

Bitcoin is behaving a lot like the Nasdaq did in the dot-com bubble, just 15 times faster, Morgan Stanley says. Similarities in price moves and trading volume could be signs that history is repeating itself, according to a note published by Morgan Stanley Monday. Morgan Stanley also points out changes in …
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Serious question, and I don’t mean to get anyone upset, but isn’t this starting to look exactly like the last bitcoin crash where the fallout lasted several years before reaching a new ATH?

Pls don't yell at me

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Bitcoin Today: Prices Crash Below $9000 as Bullish Momentum Reverses

Bitcoin broke below the $ 10,000 benchmark on Wednesday, March 7, but that wasn't the end of this week's decline. By Friday afternoon, prices were as low as $ 8,700 on some exchanges. Bitcoin started the week as high as $ 11,700 on Monday, March 5, but that was the only day this week the No.
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