Bitcoin price CRASH: This is the reason cryptocurrency prices are PLUMMETING recently spoke with Ryan Derks, an investor with years of experience under his belt who now runs his own federally registered fund specialising in cryptocurrencies, who was eager to explain why Bitcoin is coming down from such a dramatic high. He said: “What happened with Bitcoin …
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Here's proof that this bitcoin crash is far from the worst the cryptocurrency has seen

Panicking that the bitcoin bubble has finally burst? The popular cryptocurrency actually has a history of surviving crashes, and in its short life has already been through 13 major corrections or crashes. That's according to an analysis by data visualization site HowMuch, which compiled all of bitcoin's …
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This crash made a whole new type of player in this game: the Formercoiner.

After panic selling everything at 6k and entering at December ATH, the formercoiner is even more viscious than the nocoiner. They are filled with a dangerous combination of embarrassment, guilt, self-doubt, and envy. They can't bring themselves to buy back in so they spend their time trashing Bitcoin so their losses never exacerbate further – and they are everywhere.

EDIT: Perhaps a better name comes from Spajn in the comments: XCoiner

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bitcoin price continues to recover after punishing January and fears of a crash

Bitcoin's value appears to be recovering after a horrifying few weeks for those who are invested in it. All cryptocurrencies have been gradually sliding since January, after a huge run towards the end of last year. After almost reaching $ 20,000 in December, the price is now way below half that, and looked …
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The recent bitcoin crash proves the party is almost over – and I say that as someone who almost …

But in the past two years, as bitcoin has morphed from being the exclusive domain of pallid computer geeks locked in basement bedrooms and surviving on a diet of yoghurt pots and muesli bars to something akin to a legitimate financial product – and one with a bumper return to boot – I slowly changed …
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Bitcoin crash and cryptocurrency scams spook credit card firms, sources say

The sharp decline in bitcoin's value also creates a classic problem for any banks providing financing. Consumers who lean on credit lines to speculate — and bet wrong — may struggle to repay. The danger wasn't so acute last year when cryptocurrencies kept climbing. But since briefly exceeding …
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