Europol: Hardcore Criminals Are Shifting From Bitcoin to Monero, Zcash and Dash (

A multitude of representatives of law enforcement agencies from around the world have talked about the use of bitcoin by criminal elements, sometimes revealing ignorance about cryptocurrencies in the process. Now it appears that Europol at least is trying to go deeper, learning about various altcoins and how they can be used too.
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Criminals are reportedly abducting the 'cryptorich' to steal their Bitcoin

A number of thieves across the globe are reportedly harassing — and, in some cases, abducting — people that have become rich trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, according to a report in The New York Times. One of Bitcoin's properties is that although transactions themselves are traceable, …
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Nobody blames a currency when criminals launder money, but if they used BitCoin suddenly it’s a BitCoin problem

The same happened to the internet. If someone was murdered by someone they met on the internet, media blames the internet.

20 years later people are over it because they all use the internet now.

Will we ever get impartial news? When are people going to stop forgetting society always does this?

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bitcoin is now apparently too mainstream for criminals and cyber-gangsters

As banks and mainstream investors embrace bitcoin, helping fuel the heady gains of the world's best-known cyrptocurrency in 2017, some of its earliest adopters — criminals — have started banking elsewhere, Bloomberg reports. The problem for the criminal underground is that bitcoin's blockchain …
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