Sending Cross Currency in Ripple

I have been facing this issue for a while using Ripple JSON RPC, am actually working on a PoC for cross border transaction, as part of my use cases, I need to send transaction in NGN and be received in USD/EUR.

I have read your David Schwartz response here and here but still having issues with the transaction

Here is my request

{ "method": "submit", "params": [ { "offline": false, "secret": "sssssssssssssssssssssss", "tx_json": { "SendMax" : { "currency" : "USD", "value" : "200", "issuer" : "rU3BENzHa5SeB2HnwzovG5wdk7v8ChxXrc" }, "Account": "rU3BENzHa5SeB2HnwzovG5wdk7v8ChxXrc", "Amount":{ "value": "100", "issuer": "rK6qNr9HV62gJPRvKGNen1qHi2LYyHSDvj", "currency": "NGN" }, "Destination": "rK6qNr9HV62gJPRvKGNen1qHi2LYyHSDvj", "TransactionType": "Payment" }, "fee_mult_max": 10000 } ] }

and I got this as my response

{ "result": { "engine_result": "tecPATH_PARTIAL", "engine_result_code": 101, "engine_result_message": "Path could not send full amount.", "status": "success", "tx_blob": "1200002280000000240000005661D5038D7EA4C680000000000000000000000000004E474E0000000000CD2B28791E0BEB754A75AF8DB99BDEF21DD8D4A968400000000000000A69D5071AFD498D000000000000000000000000000055534400000000007A04D90FD6B8D1400B5CD796391444090AF06C1F7321031810282977B92281325F0AC5DAF4AB7EDB3FBBE5404A38D657E327B1A46B7897744730450221008269F1C23E2C719A73F7F41D484C0577C1EBF496D8BD6009AA975A852C627E7202207FBD5CBA3EF5F5BE7696FAF5C45F2E22BDCEA7FD48BA99D75897BF58C474BD0D81147A04D90FD6B8D1400B5CD796391444090AF06C1F8314CD2B28791E0BEB754A75AF8DB99BDEF21DD8D4A9", "tx_json": { "Account": "rU3BENzHa5SeB2HnwzovG5wdk7v8ChxXrc", "Amount": { "currency": "NGN", "issuer": "rK6qNr9HV62gJPRvKGNen1qHi2LYyHSDvj", "value": "100" }, "Destination": "rK6qNr9HV62gJPRvKGNen1qHi2LYyHSDvj", "Fee": "10", "Flags": 2147483648, "SendMax": { "currency": "USD", "issuer": "rU3BENzHa5SeB2HnwzovG5wdk7v8ChxXrc", "value": "200" }, "Sequence": 86, "SigningPubKey": "031810282977B92281325F0AC5DAF4AB7EDB3FBBE5404A38D657E327B1A46B7897", "TransactionType": "Payment", "TxnSignature": "30450221008269F1C23E2C719A73F7F41D484C0577C1EBF496D8BD6009AA975A852C627E7202207FBD5CBA3EF5F5BE7696FAF5C45F2E22BDCEA7FD48BA99D75897BF58C474BD0D", "hash": "A658DE84ABFED32E0E52FBF02E60FBC81E32C5E6186427C33AEBD938188FE4BB" } } }

I understand that tecPATH_PARTIAL means that the transaction failed because the provided paths did not have enough liquidity to send the full amount.

But I did not specify the path bcos I understand it’s best when ripple choose the path.

I will appreciate any help in right direction

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