Bad Checks? Crypto Twitter's Identity Crisis Is Hurting More Than Bitcoin

Before the bitcoin scaling debate came to a head last fall, with a significant contingent of enthusiasts splitting off the core bitcoin network to create bitcoin cash, the @bitcoin Twitter handle tweeted information in support of bitcoin. The account has been operated by many owners over the years, and the …
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As Bitcoin Plunged, These Crypto Hedge Funds Kept Making Money

… trading strategies include market-making, short-term trend following and exploiting pricing discrepancies between different currency pairs and exchanges. Market Neutral Liquidity SP-Institutional, with more than $ 100 million of assets under management, makes markets for currencies such as Bitcoin, …
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Most Britons Won’t Support a Crypto Issued by the Bank of England Says Poll (

Almost two thirds of British people would not support a cryptocurrency issued by their central bank, according to a survey. Pollsters also found that the majority of Britons have already heard of bitcoin, however, a third of the respondents admitted they would be more likely to invest in cryptocurrencies if they were regulated.
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#231 Ajay Prakash & Gavin Brennen: Qubit Protocol – Quantum Computing and its Coming Treat to Crypto (letstalk)

With the advent of mature quantum technologies, many of the critical cryptographic protocols which secure the Internet, financial transactions and even military secrets may become susceptible to new attack vectors. For instance, while it may take a computer millions of years to decipher a public key’s corresponding private key, a sufficiently powerful quantum computer might achieve this in a reasonable amount of time. With this reality looming over us, many in the blockchain space worry that…


PR: Energy Efficient Crypto Robotina and Dubai as a Smart City Project (

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by Faith Obafemi
The analog life is no longer appealing. We all now wish for the smart, digital life to make everything easier, less expensive to manage and convenient. In a time…


When the Taxman Comes Knocking, Will Americans Report Crypto Gains? (

Cryptocurrency investors appear to be skirting their taxes. Whether keeping with crypto’s anti-establishment roots or for lack of ability, American cryptocurrency practitioners are testing the IRS’s tolerance for crypto tax evasion.Tax day in the United States is tomorrow, April 17, 2018, but according to the popular tax filing service Credit Karma, few cryptocurrency holders have reported earnings or losses on their 2017 tax documents. Out of the company’s 250,000 new filings, under 100…