implement cryptocurrency in a php website deposit withdraw

So i am creating a new PHP website. And i wanted to make it so when some one is register can send and receive cryptocurrency in the wallets they generate on the website. I don’t have any idea on how to do it. I need basically each user to be able to generate it own address and the address needs to be only to them and with this address they need to be able to receive and sand cryptocurrency. I heard something about BitcoinD but is it only for Bitcoins ? If I want for example to make it for Dogecoin how can i do it ? Can some one hit me up with some info where i can read and figure it out ? I searched on google but no results :(. Also would the website be able to work with HTML and future like this above ?

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From where can I import live cryptocurrency market values into my webpage?

I am planning to build a webpage where a user can enter his/her stock of various cryptocurrencies, and the webpage should display the current market value (in USD) for each of the cryptocurrency he/she has chosen.

I was wondering from where (which website/database) I can import the live market value for cryptocurrencies, so I can use the values in my website script?

Thank you very much in advance.

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