Chainstate LevelDB corruption after reading from the database

I’ve been working with the LevelDB for a few weeks, coding some tools to access the database and parse the data to be human readable.

However, every single time I read from the chainstate the data gets corrupted (ask me to rebuild it when running bitcoind). I decided to copy the DB as a workaround after it happened the first time, but it’s quite annoying to do so every single time I want to update the data.

I’m using plyvel and Python 2.8, and I close the DB every time I finish with the reading.


# Open the LevelDB db = plyvel.DB(".bitcoin/chainstate")  for key, o_value in db:  # do stuff  # Close the LevelDB db.close() 

Does anyone knows what could be the reason? Does bitcoind prevent other software to access the DB by marking the last access somehow?

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Recent Questions – Bitcoin Stack Exchange