Bitcoin ATMs Reach 3061 in Number, 1000 added since December, Installations Growing at 10 Percent a Month

Notable stats:

Average machine does 30k a month in sales at an approx 9 percent gross margin

3 million a day in total sales for all machines

90 percent of sales are cash for bitcoin

10 percent are bitcoin for cash

340 Machines added in April


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Federal Reserve: Bitcoin Futures Launch Led To December 2017 Price Decline

Тhe Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco released an Economic Letter May 7, suggesting that Bitcoin's (BTC) decline following its $ 20,000 peak was the result of the launch of Bitcoin futures trading. The Federal Reserve's letter says that “the rapid run-up and subsequent fall in the price after the …
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Markets Update: BTC Prices Suffer from a 65% Loss Since December (

Bitcoin prices and cryptocurrency markets, in general, have been declining in value for the past six weeks straight with a few bounces here and there. Currently, BTC/USD markets have reached the lowest price in weeks touching $ 6,600 on February 5, 2018, erasing the past three months worth of gains.
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Bitcoin rises 10% on Peter Thiel fund's likely holding; may revisit December high

According to Reuters, bitcoin may revisit its December 17, 2017 high of $ 19,666 in three months, as suggested by its wave pattern. The deep correction from this high has been driven by a wave (4), the fourth wave of a five-wave cycle from the July 16, 2017 low of $ 1,830. This wave is expected to be …
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