Bitcoin Transaction Volume Decreases With Batching, Not Due to Lack of Demand

It is often difficult to find positive reports about Bitcoin. Too many transactions cause a spike in overall fees. Fewer transaction makes media outlets believe the interest in Bitcoin is slowing down. The uptick in SegWit adoption is indeed reducing the number of transactions, but that is a positive trend It …
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Speculation Decreases Bitcoin’s Dominance in Cryptocurrency Markets (

“Long-term I am not seeing the currency dying out or anything of that sort as long as there is demand, and as long as China has capital curbs which keep you from taking out money currencies like bitcoin”, opines Bloomberg reporter Robin Ganguly on Monday. “[If] there’s more widespread use in the US, then [Bitcoin] will probably be [here] for a long, long, long time”.
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As the number of full node decreases over the time, does it secure to rely on liberty lovers or Bitcoin funs?

I think, full node must be rewarded, otherwise whole Bitcoin system will be in danger in the near feature. Storing over 90 Gigabyte blockchain and network usage of a full node without any incentive, may not be affordable. Bitcoin system does not rely on trust and it must not abonden to liberty lovers or Bitcoin funs ! Does scalability cover this issue ?

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