Striking similarity between Ellen DeGeneres’ 2018 “Bitcoin Explanation” and 1994 Today’s Show “What is the Internet, Anyway?”

Do you not see the repetition of history here?

2018: Ellen DeGeneres: If you want to know what bitcoin is, I learned about it. A bit.


1994: The Today Show: "What is the Internet, Anyway?"

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Ellen DeGeneres on Bitcoin: It's 'Either Worth $20000 or Nothing'

Bitcoin had a decidedly mainstream moment this week: during a segment on the talk show hosted by comedian Ellen DeGeneres. DeGeneres took a few pot-shots at the cryptocurrency, joking to her audience that it's like "a plot twist in a confusing movie." "Everybody is talking about bitcoin," she went on …
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Ellen DeGeneres explains bitcoin: 'You'll either be a millionaire or you'll be totally broke'

You know that moment when you're all talking about bitcoin but nobody really understands it? Well, TV host Ellen DeGeneres summed up that feeling perfectly Thursday. The comedian took it upon herself to explain to her audience what the cryptocurrency actually is. "Everybody is talking about bitcoin, …
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