With the Tether news and Bakkt launch delay, it seems indicitative that the sell-off that started on Nov 18th appears to be inside trading.

So, basically business as usual.

I still don't buy that we lost 1k (20%) in total asset value because of a shitcoin hash-war. The more bcash suffers, the more likely that miners are going to abandon the shit show clown car and hop over to bitcoin to preserve ROI.

It seems much more readily apparent that the bigger fundamental news of Bakkt + DOJ Investigation into tethers is what caused this market spook.


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Delay Taxes on Bitcoin Gains Until 2027! (reddit.com)

In the recent tax reform bill, Congress included a provision to incentivize investment in low-income communities. The new provision allows for delay of taxes on income from the sale of property (such as BTC) if you re-invest the gains into a Qualified Opportunity Fund within 6 months (180 days). This allows you to cash out your BTC profit, reinvest the sale proceeds, and delay paying any taxes on the gain from the original sale until 2027 (2026 tax year). More information to come, but to…


PSA: Coinbase large transfer 72 hour mandatory delay period. Move your coins now. You are out of time.

Folks, Coinbase has a 72 hour delay period if you are moving a considerable amount of coins off their exchange. If you plan on moving coins off before the fork, please do it right now. I did. I'm delayed. I want to help others not miss the end of month deadline. Cheers.

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