Hackers seize Atlanta's network system, demand $51000 in Bitcoin as ransom

Atlanta mayor Keisha Bottoms said on Thursday, March 22, that hackers attacked the city's network system and encrypted data. The details are somewhat slim for now, but hackers reportedly used the SamSam ransomware and demand around $ 51,000 in Bitcoin to unlock the city's seized computers.
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BREAKING: there is a pornographic image hidden in the mathematical constant Pi! Call your representative and demand a ban!

I present you a filthy image of a scientist and a journalist having a doggy-style sex:

 ■□□□□□□ ■□□■■■■ ■■□■□■□ ■□■■□■□ 

You can encode the image above as 1000000100111111010101011010 in binary, which is 135525722 in decimal.

If you check the decimal sequence using a Pi search engine (for example, on subidiom), you'll find that it appears at the 742,824,792nd decimal digit of Pi.

So, yes, there is a pornographic image hidden in Pi!

Theoretically, you can even find a full-length HD movie in Pi (but you need to know where to search).

So, how it’s related to Bitcoin?

If you’ve missed it, there is currently a new FUD wave about porno hidden in the Bitcoin blockchain. Hundreds of media outlets are reporting about it, including the Telegraph.

The idiots don’t understand that you can find porn anywhere, in every single piece of random data – if you search long enough, and use the right encoding.

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Bitcoiners Demand More Crypto CFDs and Spread-Betting in the UK (news.bitcoin.com)

The UK’s CMC Markets Plc announced it would offer cryptocurrency contracts for difference (CFDs) and spread-betting, accessible at first to professional traders. Though too soon to call a trend, the company is following its rivals into an unsure market increasingly under threat from regulators.     
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Bitcoin Transaction Volume Decreases With Batching, Not Due to Lack of Demand

It is often difficult to find positive reports about Bitcoin. Too many transactions cause a spike in overall fees. Fewer transaction makes media outlets believe the interest in Bitcoin is slowing down. The uptick in SegWit adoption is indeed reducing the number of transactions, but that is a positive trend It …
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