Bitcoin's Bad Day: Price Crashes amid Fears of Major Hack and SEC Demands

Bitcoin's price tanked to under $ 10,000 on Wednesday amid fears that a major exchange had been hacked and new regulatory warnings from U.S. authorities. The cryptocurrency's value fell to half that of three months ago, when it reached a whopping $ 20,000 per coin. But it remains volatile, and the …
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NY Regulator Demands Vigilance Against Market Manipulation from Bitlicense Firms (

Accusations, rumors and fears of manipulation in the cryptocurrency market have been around for a long while now. The most recent one involves Tether supposedly artificially propping up the price of bitcoin by printing USDT. Now one regulator demands that companies in its jurisdiction will take action against such possible risks.
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'I know you cheated on your wife.' Growing blackmail scam demands payment in bitcoin

And then finally, a demand: "If you want me to destroy the evidence and leave you alone forever then send $ 2,000 in BITCOIN." Eargle is happily (and faithfully) married, but said the blackmail letter had him on edge. "And I had to think for a second because I was in a bit of a fluster, 'Am I actually keeping …
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