We are super proud to announce that Vaultoro is now officially the first bitcoin exchange to accept lightning network deposits. AMA us

We where the first exchange to have a full physical allocated gold trading pair,

we where the first exchange to build a full transparency protocol called the glass books protocol after Mtgox Goxed everyone,

we where the first exchange to push for the UASF and now…

we are the first exchange to offer lightning network payments on the mainnet. (SUPER BETA). Feel free to AMA us


NOTE: I'm at chainges conference in Amsterdam where we announced it so I will be back online later. *Joshua Scigala CEO

CryptoAnarchy is alive and growing everyday. Peace.

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Gocelery Bitcoin Exchange Suspends Deposits and Withdrawals (news.bitcoin.com)

On May 4, the New York-based cryptocurrency exchange Gocelery suspended deposits and withdrawals without any explanation. Cryptocurrency investors who use the platform to invest in bitcoin and altcoins are showing concern over the announcement across social media.
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