What are the .dat files? And what’s the difference between a blk00000 and a rev00000?

I’m studying about the blockchain and I just downloaded it. I have 816 .dat files and for every file named as blk#.dat (where # is a five digits number) I have a rev#.dat file, What does it mean?? How can I work with them if I need to visualize them on Gephi??

Thank you so much!!Preciated!!

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What is the difference between transactioninput.getFromAddress() and transactioninput.getConnectedOutput().getAddressFromP2SH(networkparameter))?

I was expecting that, in the case when getFromAddress() return a address, the transactioninput.getConnectedOutput().getAddressFromP2SH(networkparameter)) should return the same address, but sometimes is the transactioninput.getConnectedOutput() give back null value despite getFromAddress() return a proper address. What is the reason?

If these two methods are inherently different, how could I return the value of field “addr” of the object “prev_out” of the items in the array “input” in the JSON object returned in ex. this blockchain api call with bitcoinj and without the use of blockchain.info-api? https://blockchain.info/address/1LoD9DeUeCfnZueSVPzFaFkfFcx8mG1Add?format=json

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