For a bitcoin-forked complementary currency: would it be difficult / impossible to limit the mining to some agents on the market?

Am I right that by implementation everybody with a client is theoretically able to mine?

However, thinking about a Bitcoin implementation for a locally limited complementary currency:

Would it be possible (without changing half the code base) to limit the right to mine to some charitable groups and giving the other agents just the permission to do transactions?

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As a small business owner, it’s difficult enough accepting BTC. Now Bitpay does this

Hey all – I make handmade goods and started accepting BTC using Bitpay about 3 months ago. Everything was okay until about a week ago. Now Bitpay requires me to have at least $ 1,000 CAD in BTC before I can convert to fiat.

This really sucks as we are basically pay-cheque to pay-cheque business. Here's a screenshot:

Can anyone recommend a good shopify payment processor for BTC that doesn't have arbitrary restrictions like this? I really want to keep accepting BTC, but shit like this makes it so hard for us.

EDIT: Will go with Coinbase, thanks 🙂

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