Keep buying these short term dips

Just added to my stack and will keep adding. Unless you're a day trader; don't buy Bitcoin for short term profit. It's nearly impossible to predict short term price even with an algo bot. Keep adding whatever you can afford. I truly believe Bitcoin is a paradigm shift in financial transactions. Buy it, transfer it to a hard wallet – keep key or Trezor, they're both good, then forget about it. Short term you can't compete with whales or professional traders. They'll crush you. Long term you win. Don't listen to the hype and keep your eye on the prize. Short term wins are rare and loses are frustrating and can taint your view of the big picture. I'm posting this bc I see many posts about short term gains, when's a good time to buy, etc. Just plan a budget and add where and when you can. Realize also there risks in any investment including the most conservative. Good luck.

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