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How can I use hashrate distribution to make inferences about when a specific pool will find a block?

Miners find blocks randomly but also proportionally to the miner’s hashrate. How can I best predict and express this ‘chance’ per mining pool?

For example, if F2Pool has had 10% of the total mining hashrate for the past week, does it make sense to say that they will probably find 10% of the blocks moving forward?

What’s the best way to express the notion? I’d like to be able to say something like:

“F2Pool has a 10% chance to find the next block in the next 10 minutes, and this approaches 100% after 10 blocks. Ie. F2Pool has a very good chance to find at least one block within the next 100 minutes.”

Obviously there is never a 100% chance to find a block in the next x blocks, so what’s the accepted way of giving a number but also with that undertone of “or maybe never?”

Is there an API or library I can use to calculate/know these ‘chance’ values over time per mining pool?

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How do I join the NXT 2.0 (Ardor) distribution if it isn’t an ICO? And how does it affect NXT 1.0 holders?

Can someone explain to me how to join the NXT 2.0 (Ardor) distribution? I’ve been reading you can’t buy into the coin initially or can you? Also how does this affect NXT 1.0 system? It seems to be one of the first blockchain to implement a child-chain technology with Proof of Stake mining?

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