Why are there so few block explorers supporting segwit addresses? Even blockchain.com still doesn’t.

For anyone who is looking for one as well: btc.com works but it's one of very few.

If you google "Bitcoin Block Explorer" the first 5 results are explorers that don't support segwit addresses. Is that so difficult to implement?

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Sister found her seed phrase, doesn’t know which wallet she used

I've been trying to help her access her wallet she obtained YEARS ago when she was gifted bitcoin on the internet. This was longg ago and about a year ago she told me she had bitcoin but didn't know any of her info. Fast forward to this year, she moved and found the paper with her "password" but didn't know which email she used, as she's used a ton of aliases.

I checked out the paper and behold.. seed phrase to a wallet! I personally use coinbase, but coinbase doesn't use seed phrases for their wallets. S o o … I'm now trying to figured out how to go about testing this phrase? I don't want to plug it into a bunch of random apps for security purposed. I don't know what wallets are trustable or how I should best proceed with this.

Any tips?

**WOOP, THANKS GUYS. Now to figure out what exactly to do with it. I guess… sit on it? hah

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet