“If Trump Wins, here’s what I’ll do…” User Coincle pledges to give away 25.47 bitcoin to those who commented on his post if Donald J. Trump is elected president. So, where’s my bitcoin?

/u/Coincle pledged in this message that if Donald J. Trump won the US Presidency, that he would give each user who commented on his post, .01 bitcoin.

2,547 fulfilled their end of the bargain by commented on his post, Mr. Trump fulfilled his end of the bargain by becoming President Elect. I believe it's now time for Conicle to fulfill his end of the bargain.

Coincle said, "I've been a long time bitcoiner, and this won't break me"

However, after several hundred people commented on his post, he updated his post with a survey [link?] asking weather he should give .01 bitcoin to the first 250 people, or .001 bitcoin to everyone who posted.

2,547 people ended up commenting on his post. That's 25.47 bitcoin. (Many didn't leave a bitcoin address, so it would be much less). I was one who left my address, yet I don't see any .01 bitcoin transferred to my address.

Does anyone here believe that ones word is ones bond? If Conicle has been here "for years", and this post "won't break" him, shouldn't he be a man of his word and do what he says? (Or, even if it would break him, shouldn't he be a man of his word anyway?)

Besides, if Coincle was an early adopter, and a miner before 2012, than 25.47 bitcoin is only 1/2 of one 10 minute reward.

I'm calling you out /u/Coincle – Keep your word and your end of the bargain.

Or, are you going to sell your good name for only 25 bitcoin?

edit: His post as been locked, and his original comments deleted

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