Peter Theil on why the growth of cyptocurrencies is not the same as the dotcom bubble

Pretty interesting. He says that since institutions are still not involved its growth so far is very different than when we had the huge growth in the dotcom bubble. Seems to me he is saying its much more organic ie pushed by the people than by people trying to make money from you. What do you guys think?

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Bitcoin is unfolding like the dotcom crash — just 15 times faster

Bitcoin is behaving a lot like the Nasdaq did in the dot-com bubble, just 15 times faster, Morgan Stanley says. Similarities in price moves and trading volume could be signs that history is repeating itself, according to a note published by Morgan Stanley Monday. Morgan Stanley also points out changes in …
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The bitcoin frenzy right now is like dotcom bubble in 1995, digital currency hedge fund manager says

Investors should be careful of the euphoria that's propelled bitcoin into the stratosphere, says BKCM founder Brian Kelly. "If you look at the internet in 1995, that's where you are in digital currencies," warns Kelly. Kelly who calls himself a "value speculator" in digital currencies and sees greater opportunity …
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