Attention: The post about the SEC opened up a site (etf[dot]vote) to vote for or against SolidX Bitcoin ETF a few hours ago is fake. The file to be downloaded with the voting results contains a virus! Don’t download, don’t open!

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mass bitcoin address history download from blockchain

I’ve got a large list of bitcoin addresses maybe 100+. What I am trying to achieve is downloading the blockchain data for each address. So instead of going to; and pressing ‘export history.’ I wish to download the historical data for each address in a faster manner than manually. I have a list of each address in an excel column. Ideally, it would be best to export each address to a separate csv/xlsx file.

Does anyone know how to automate this process or a better method?

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I have a fast internet connection and it’s taking me 10 days to download the full blockchain to run a full node.

If we had 8mb blocks, it would probably take 8 times longer, almost 3 months to download the full blockchain with a fast internet connection. This would definitely make it very difficult for the average person to run a full node even if they wanted to.

EDIT: A lot of people are suggesting it's the validation that's slow. I'm running on a 2012 iMac, so it's not exactly a powerhouse, but if it's a validation problem, the time it takes to download and verify would still scale linearly with the blocksize, no? And I understand that even if we bump up to 8mb, it won't instantly take 8 times longer, but over a long time span, wouldn't that still be an issue? Or will computer processor speed increase quickly enough to keep up with validation times?

I guess my simple question is, it seems like it takes a lot of commitment to run a full node (whether it's validation time or download time) for an average person on an average PC. Is that ok? Should we take that into account?

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How can I pick up the blockchain download where it left off on another computer using an EHD?

I started downloading the Bitcoin blockchain via my MacBook Pro onto my 1TB external hard drive. I want to use my iMac to finish the download. I plugged my EHD into my iMac and checked to blocks folder and it contained the previous transaction I downloaded (86GB). The wallet.dat, peers.dat, chainstate, banlist.dat and fee_estimates.dat files. I opened Bitcoin Core and moved the directory to the blocks folder where the previous transaction I downloaded are. I followed the steps to start the sync. I expected the blockchain to recognize the blocks and start where it left off on my MacBook but it started from the beginning. Any ideas on how to pick up where I left off?

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