Swiss Regulations Are Driving ICOs Away (

Ever since ICO mania exploded in early 2017, Switzerland has served as Europe’s de facto crowdsale launchpad. Financial authorities have welcomed crypto startups, and the likes of Tezos, Mysterium, and Arcblock have all heeded that call. Guidelines laid out by Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in February were meant to add clarity for ICOs. Instead, they’ve had the opposite effect.
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A factor driving bitcoin's rally could be that people think owning it gives them social status

Analysts from Bernstein Research compared the recent demand for bitcoin to markets in China's anti-ageing medicine and high-end liquor. Their research considered the characteristics of a Veblen good — a product which gains its appeal from the social status attained by owning it. The analysts also …
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Analysts Point to Regulatory Vacuum as Driving Australian Cryptocurrency Banking Woes (

There are increasingly publicized challenges posed to the Australian cryptocurrency industry by the country’s ‘big four’ banks’ refusal to provide financial services to crypto companies. Many analysts are speculating that the issue will become the catalyst for the development of detailed regulations for the virtual currency era, arguing that the opaque nature of the current legislative apparatus pertaining to cryptocurrencies is to blame for Australia’s bitcoin banking embargo.