PSA: Now is the time to get verified on your favorite exchange so you are not fumbling around and bitching last minute during the next ATH.

Bitching about how:

• Everything is broken and going to crash and burn in hell

• They are thieves trying to screw you over

• They can't get their shart together

• They won't respond immediately to your email that is identical to 20k other emails that they received in the past 12 hours

• You missed out on that sweet dip price that only lasted 12ms

• You missed that sweet ATH sell price that only lasted 12ms

• Everybody should dog pile and boycot

Additional notes:

• Assume no one takes credit cards or paypal

• Call your bank BEFORE you try to make a transaction IN or OUT to pre verify so you do not get flagged for a fraud transaction that has the potential to lock up funds for an indeterminable amount of time

• Move your funds in to the exchange the day or week before you intend to purchase

• If you need your funds deposited faster than a bank or wire transfer to your exchange use a debit card if the option is available

• make a bank transaction or a test debit card transaction before you intend to make your full buy or sell, this will give you time to work out any kinks with your bank or verification

• If you do not want to give access to your bank or bank debit card try using a prepaid debit card

• Get setup on more than one exchange to give you options if your preferred exchange goes down when you need it

Please feel free to add to the list as it is not all inclusive.

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