Bitcoin Scales Beyond $600 in Early September Spike

Following August, a month of relative calm in what is perceived as frequently volatile waters, bitcoin took to its sails this month by climbing nearly 10% to cross the $ 600 mark. The increased demand from Chinese buyers could very likely be a factor. Bitcoin price pushed beyond the $ 600 milestone for the first time in […]

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According to the Mtgox leaks from early 2014, our brand new ‘Satoshi’ Craig Wright bought 17.24 bitcoins at a rate of $1198 each.

As /u/winlifeat posted here, Craig was user 'e62d5e53-0dbc-44be-9591-725cd55ca9dd' at the Mtgox exchange. With this identifier, it's possible to look up his trades in the 2014 leak. I posted the raw data in this pastebin, you can import it into spreadsheet software like Excel to play with it yourself.

He started trading at 22/04/2013, this is just after the crash of the April 2013 bubble (or the 'Cyprus bubble'). He lost interest pretty quickly, because activity stopped 27/04, only to come back 25/11 around the peak of the last bitcoin bubble. His average price is actually $ 120 and he bought around 50 bitcoins, but his last buy was 17 bitcoins at around $ 1200. He ends up with a balance of just under 15 bitcoins when mtgox shuts down, so he probably lost another few bitcoins with trading. (The trade data in the leak stops at November 2013)

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Even IF Craig Wright moves some coins from an early block, I still don't believe he's Satoshi. (

Even if coins are being moved, it most certainly does NOT prove Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto. A much more credible explanation would be that Satoshi already created (and signed) a transaction in the early days, but never broadcasted it. Somehow Craig got hold of such a tx (maybe was in some way related to the real Satoshi) and he can push it now. If Craig Wright really were Satoshi, he could simply prove it just like