How Could Bitcoin Suspect Leave an Iceland Prison's Comforts Behind? Easily

REYKJAVIK, Iceland — It has been more than four months since thieves pulled off the biggest heist in the history of Iceland, and the police here still have no idea where the booty — roughly $ 2 million worth of Bitcoin-mining computers — is stashed. A breakthrough in the case seemed imminent in early …
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Blockchain Capital partner says bitcoin could easily trade over $50000 in 2018

Bitcoin has strong potential to reach $ 50,000 in 2018 because of growing interest among both retail and institutional investors, Blockchain Capital partner Spencer Bogart said. Bogart said he thinks value will grow for both cryptocurrencies and blockchain businesses, so he's staying invested in both.
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Bitcoin needs a “live” OS for nodes with an encrypted volume for blk data so that a node can be easily booted and synced with the network without the possibility of an attacker making permanent changes.

I think down the road, we may see nation state attacks on bitcoin nodes, and it would be an extremely valuable resource to have a live linux OS where it is impossible to make changes to its boot structure. This would be very important to censorship resistance.

A talented developer that could take the code base of the already available hardened live linux distributions and spin it off as a bitcoin node client version would be tits mcgee!

Just a random shower thought. Hope you guys like it.

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Can I easily use Bitcoin as a inexpensive way to transfer my money into another currency?

I have a home business in the US and I am spending a significant amount of time in Europe.I have both a US and a EU bank account as well as a coinbase account. I am wondering if I can by bitcoins in USD and then sell them back to my EU bank account in Euro? My normal bank charges $ 35 plus they give me an exchange rate 4.5% more than the market. So, for each $ 1,000 I send, I pay almost $ 45 in exchange fees plus the $ 35 transfer fee…I am wondering if using bitcoin can help me significantly reduce my costs for this type of international money movement? has anyone done this and can you tell me of any problems or pitfalls? Thank you!

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