BIP148 is the only way to hold their feet to the fire as they show support for the laughable SegWit2X agreement. Keep pushing BIP148. Otherwise they can drag this out until the 11th hour and back out when it is too late for economic nodes to make the August 1 deadline. Stay the course!

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UASF is an economic boycott against miners who are holding back bitcoin’s progress so they can collect high fees.

I've had a lot of questions about what to do about UASF. The answer will be clear to you in a few sentences.

Put simply, SegWit is a major on-chain scaling upgrade to bitcoin. It also fixes a bug that prevents off-chain scaling from working well.

SegWit will increase transaction throughput on-chain by 100% and by untold percentages off-chain.

It was developed by the best developers in crypto-currency and it was thoroughly tested before being deployed.

But some miners want to keep transaction throughput low because that drives fees higher. And as it was set up, a small group of miners can prevent the activation of SegWit.

But UASF will end that impasse. If you run a UASF node, on August 1st you, along with everyone else in this protest, you will boycott any miner that does not signal for the activation of SegWit. You will be part of creating a blockchain that will activate the features discussed, developed and tested by the bitcoin community. You will leave behind the legacy chain that is stagnating and unable to handle today's transaction demands. If you want more transaction throughput and lower fees SegWit will provide it.

By August 1st, run a UASF node. Tell your wallet provider to run UASF nodes. Tell your exchange to run UASF. Tell miners that you will reject their blocks on August 1st if they don't signal to activate SegWit.

Right now, start saying "I support UASF". Put it on every reddit comment you post in r/Bitcoin, on every tweet about bitcoin, on Facebook, on Medium.

TAKE BITCOIN BACK from a small cabal of miners.

I support UASF

Boycott Miners Against SegWit

Boycott Miners who constrict the blockchain

Activate SegWit Now with UASF

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[UASF idea] A letter to economic majority. [DRAFT][alpha version] (

I personally think that the only thing that CEOs hear is money. So I think it should look a bit like this: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX To all economic majority, we have an idea how you can make more money. Blocks are full, transactions are slow and expensive, Bitcoin price should be higher. SegWit may not be best, but it solves these problems, is fully tested and ready to be activated. There is a way to activate it in August through a…