Correcting a misconception: The cost of electricity to mine a bitcoin does not create a bottom for the price

I've seen a lot of people repeat the myth that the cost of the electricity to mine a bitcoin creates a natural floor for the coin's price. In light of the rapid loss of value and there being nothing to stop this from continuing, I wanted to make sure that everyone who is holding the coin is aware of this so that they at least have a proper investment thesis formulated.

The basic idea that claims the cost to mine a bitcoin has some fundamental correlation to value falls under the Labor Theory of Value, however this theory is a fallacy and does not hold up under market dynamics. Just because a person spends a lot of time or resources creating an object, does not mean that that object has value on the market.

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Plattsburgh Temporarily Halts Bitcoin Mining As It Raises Electricity Costs

But because of bitcoin mining, it has already exceeded the allotted amount of hydropower in December and January, reported Bloomberg, citing a local newspaper. Some residents have complained that their electricity bills have increased by as much as $ 300, noted the report. The city council said it …
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Iceland may use more electricity mining bitcoin than powering homes this year

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Bitcoin price rise could lead to smart home attacks that cause electricity bills to rise, cyber security …

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