Anyone else getting private messages promoting BU? Looks like Ver updated to the astroturfing premium package.

Miner signaling for blocks larger than 1MB is now at 48%, are you still so sure SegWit is not a trojan horse from a bankers backed private company, trying to squeeze in their own code at any costs?

Yes, fuck off please. Who even takes an astroturfing job like that?

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Multisig wallet transfer, security implications of signer giving their phrase to someone else

Normally, giving out a phrase to recreate your wallet is a bad idea.

If I have a multisig wallet – lets say 2 of 3 – and don’t want to participate as a signer anymore, I think I can give the phrase to recreate my wallet to someone else.

Even if we would both be in possession of that phrase – assuming there is no way to trustlessly do this – it seems that moving funds would still require the other signers in the p2SH script.

The only possible downside is if I retained access to the wallet and rejected signing transactions, that the new owner of my key would have accepted.

What are your thoughts? Am I missing something

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Running a Bitcoin node (behind Firewall / NAT or anything else? disallowing inbound connections)

I consider running a bitcoin full node on a raspberry Pi 3. I want to attach the raspberry Pi into my home-network (wifi). When I check my IP address I have a public address to the outside (which is changing from time to time, however is only one of 5 different addresses) and via NAT given by my ISP. I don’t know what is between “my” public IP and my homenetwork in detail.

As I understand it correctly a bitcoin node does only good to the overall network iff it can accept inbound connections, therefore my raspberry pi must be publicly available (behind all this NAT whatever). If I run a bitcoin node I would like to use it at least by myself as a trusted node inside my mobile bitcoin wallet…

In the end I see two ways to do that:

  • Resolve NAT issues with one of the following techniques: Upnp, TURN, NAT hole punching, STUN, ICE, IGDP, NAT-PMP, PCP, ALG, wathever else there, I don’t know…
  • Or running a hidden service.

So my question:

  • Is it good/bad/ok to “only” allow inbound connections as a tor hidden service?
  • Is there an easy way to get a bitcoin node with “traditional” means available as a public node inside a home network?

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