Facebook’s Crypto Shopping Spree Isn’t Over Yet. Here’s Who Else They Might Acquire.

Facebook’s crypto ambitions are reportedly not limited to its acquisition of blockchain startup Chainspace, according to The Information. Facebook Has Met with at Least Three More Crypto Startups Citing unnamed sources, the publication said Facebook has been eyeing several blockchain startups with a view of making acquisitions. Some of these firms include Algorand, Basis and Keybase. Around two months the social media giant reportedly held discussions with stablecoin startup Basis. This was after Basis had signaled that it was shutting down in mid-December over regulation concerns. However, nothing materialized from the discussion. Facebook’s Plans to Develop a USD-Pegged Cryptocurrency Interestingly,

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Bitcoin Valuable in a Dystopia, But Not Anywhere Else: JP Morgan Analyst

By CCN.com: Contrary to statements from its cryptocurrency-bashing CEO Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan has finally admitted that bitcoin has value, albeit in the unlikely event that the world descends into a “Bird Box”-style dystopia. If ‘Bird Box’ Comes True, JP Morgan Might Recommend Bitcoin Writing in a note to clients distributed this week, JP Morgan … Continued

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Who else feels really good about buying in right now?

48 hours remain until 2019, and bitties are hella cheap right now. 2018 is done, 2019 is… hell, NO ONE has any idea what the fuck is about to happen in 2019. Not just for bitcoin, but for anything. We're quite literally in.. brand new territory. We're pioneers on this new, futuristic horizon. I can tell that 2019 is going to be a good year. It feels so damn good. Things are going to change. Things are going to get turned over. Things are going to take off.
I believe that. And I feel that right now, Bitcoin is the cheapest that it will be, for a very long time. Now is the fucking time.
No one is talking about Bit. This is the time. I tasted success in the last run. Bitcoin actually seems to make its big changes at a yearly basis. I don't think it's coincidence that going into 2019, it is so low.
My stocks have been suffering, which leads me to believe that the dollar is.. more volatile than it has been in recent years. This gives me more reason to believe that Bitcoin will re-emerge as a currency. I believe people will say "Oh YEAH. Remember that crypto currency that blew up last year? Let's look into THAT."
Banks will realize the power of Bitcoin. Businesses. Well, more businesses (A LOT of vendors accept Bitcoin these days, if you simply inquire about it.) will.
I'm feeling so damn good about this. For people that bought in at 6500k or higher, maybe for you, this sucks. But for us getting in right now, there's no better feeling.
Let's jig off this bitcoin in 2019 boys.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

Anyone else tired of their parents sending you articles on “The Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme”

Just wanted to see out there if anyone else is tired of their loved ones sending them negative articles about Bitcoin. There is always nothing substantial about them and they are always just pure conjecture. Usually from some old guy who never dives into the tech of Bitcoin and just calls it a pyramid scheme.

Just got a text with this article below. I'm really sick of getting these links sent to me. On the bright side Bitcoin obituaries is getting more links.


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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet