My girlfriend and I spent the last 3 months creating a unique crypto portfolio app – one tap trade imports, historical tracking, event triggers, etc. Can we have some feedback?

We posted a while back to this sub looking for beta testers, and we've finally finished fixing most of the bugs and implemented a couple of new stuff. Thank you to all who beta tested and your valuable feedback!!

Here's a quick gif on imgur:

It has a minimalist UI, and if you trade a lot, you can import your trades directly from an exchange with your read-only API and it'll automatically calculate your average buy-ins/profits/price bought at that time, etc. Currently has ATH and price triggers but more coming.

It's only available on Play Store now, but our iOS version will be out in 2 weeks. No ads. Link to play store:

We would highly appreciate it if you have any feedback for us, constantly looking to improve!

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What is the best way to prevent replay attacks in the event of a bitcoin hard fork?

I originally thought it would be relatively simple to add replay attack protection (change something about how the tx hash is generated) in the event of a fork. But the BU folks mentioned that this would break SPV clients (including many mobile wallets). So it is not free to do that way, although still an option.

One solution we brainstormed, was using some coins that were only valid on one chain (for example newly mined coins) and adding 1 satoshi of “taint” to all generated transactions. This would work but is not perfect. For instance, newly mined coins can’t be spent for 100 blocks, so at a minimum it would cause economic nodes to have a delay in the event of a hard fork. It is also non-trivial for all wallet software to implement this (fair amount of work, especially at scale). There is also an operational challenge that you would have to rush to get these newly mined coins while the hard fork was happening, so you could not prepare in advance. It would be a messy for sure.

Another option would be to try and double spend some coins across the forked chains (get a transaction with some coins going to two different addresses mined across the two chains). These coins could then also be used for “taint”, but you wouldn’t have to wait the full 100 blocks. This is a little bit better, but still not perfect.

I suspect there is a better solution though. What are people’s thoughts?

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