Blocksize would need to become 555 MB in size for bitcoin to scale to VISA levels. +80 GB blocksize, EVERY DAY. This is why we have segwit and 2nd layer, and why BCH is doomed to fail.

This is what "big blocks introduce centralization" mean. When we scale to VISA levels, blockchain would grow 78 TB/Year. Not even mentioning what kind of hardware (besides storage) will be needed to confirm all those transactions. BCH developers couldn't see 2 weeks into the future when they coded in EDA. No suprise they are failing to see couple years in. All miners want is $ $ $ from transactions, not eventual world domination of bitcoin. UASF was a great success, thank you all for making it happen!
Edit: Someone provided better data that shows VISA processed 141 billion tx in 2016. That is 4471 tx/sec! We would need 1.49 GB blocksize to process this, and it would grow blockchain by 214 GB every day, and 78 TB every year!

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Moore's law predicted that electric circuits would double in # of transistors every 18 months. This exponential growth has held for 50+ years and applies to many tech scenarios. Bitcoin is doubling in price every ~8 months since the Genesis Block. This gr


I made solar moon names for every price milestone Bitcoin hits, up to 100k (

Lets call our milestones by moon names to start at 5k with Moon 🙂 Earth – Moon 5k Mars – Deimos 10k Jupiter – Io 15k – Europa 20k – Ganymede 25k – Callisto 30k Saturn – Mimas 35k – Enceladus 40k – Dione 45k – Titan 50k – Hyperian 55k – Lapetus 60k Uranus – Miranda 65k – Ariel 70k – Titania 75k – Oberon 80k Neptune – Triton 85k – Nereid 90k Pluto – Charon 95k Eris