Very popular Russian freebie provider (which sells millions of digital coupons) is now lets their shops accept Bitcoin. I get 80% for purchasing food in Russia with Bitcoin everyday

So we have a very popular web-site in Russia where poorest young people purchasing coupons for food. Our groceries retail have poor distribution model where coupons for food are given away by those who know how to massively get those.

I mean 10000 young poor people are looking for free coupons here the grocery is named Perekrestok. Main benefit of Perekrestok is that you can buy $ 10 groceries by purchasing a coupon for Bitcoin for $ 1. The example of the shop accepting Bitcoin: – and there are 1000 of such shops. They get secret numbers of coupons if they pay Bitcoin and actually its almost like Gyft, but for Russian local offers.

I know that it might be not very ethical – to get food for free by violating poorly handled policies of coupons, but hey a lot of students now know that they can get free stuff for Bitcoin. And they actually use it!

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Feasibility of Integrating Proof of Stake systems into everyday devices?

Back in the days of Bitcoin mining there was talk of turning toasters or other electronic devices into Bitcoin mining machines, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea anymore having that it requires lots of power and very low ROI having to run it as a node by itself.

My question is, has there been any discussions or projects that use a Proof-of-Stake coin or system integrated into another internet connected device? I’m not talking about just setting up a raspberry pi and installing a POS node onto it and leaving it to mine.

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Artist Uses Everyday Objects To Depict Blockchain’s Implications

Virtual currency and blockchain technology are expanding, but they remain elusive subjects to much of the public at large. When new concepts emerge, it isn’t unusual for artists to find ways to help people conceptualize them. The fact that modern artists are exploring blockchain signifies the level of cultural significance it has achieved. Galleries Present Blockchain […]

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