yo, guys – no need to worry about the so-callled “dip” – remember the last time the exact same thing happened? upvote this to make people aware of the roger ver bitcoin judas and jihad wu’s pump and dump scheme

this happened when btc was around 4.5k-5.5k lowering, alot of people were worrying, and btc cash went to 2k usd, but LOL, within a minute, it dropped to 1.3k again and then 1.1k cuz it was pumped and dumped. btc the following 1-2 weeks raised to 10k gbp+ take advice from a 14 yr old who dont know shit, im HODLing to the moon

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The reason I can’t buy bitcoin is the exact reason I want to buy bitcoin

I went to deposit funds into btc-e.com, my international transfer was refused because it was deemed 'too risky'. Despite explaining to them I've dealt with btc-e.com many times, for larger amounts, they won't budge.

When did my cash cease to be my own, when did we all need to ask permission to transfer money?

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Is it possible to Send the total balance of Bitcoin from the Wallet using rpc without having to specify the exact amount?

I know we can send coins using the move, sendtoaddress and sendfrom commands from the console or commandline.

However these commands require to specify an “exact” amount, meaning you need to check the balance before you execute the commands.

Is it possible to just send all coins to an address or to oneself in the same wallet using just one command.

Hopefully someone understands what I”m talking about here.

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