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HONG KONG – April 24, 2018 – CoinFi, a leading market intelligence platform offering Wall Street-caliber trading…


Stanford, Wharton and Georgetown Expand Bitcoin Business Classes (

2018 is shaping up to be the year of bitcoin in academia as more and more institutes for higher education enter the field. The latest example comes from a number of top ranked business schools in the US that are expanding their offering due to student demands.
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Why did they have to expand the nonce value range?

My understanding is that at a certain point, once hardware passed the 4 GH/s level, the 4 billion possible values for the nonce became insufficient in bitcoin mining, because a good rig could exhaust them all in less than a second, and then had to wait until the next second for the timestamp value to change and then try the next 4 billion.

The thing I don’t get, though, is why they couldn’t adjust the timestamp in increments of less than one second? What about milliseconds and nanoseconds? Why not adjust that input instead of the nonce range?

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