I’m so tired of hearing how 0.09 EUR for being your own bank is expensive

I use bitcoin every day for various stuff (paying my rent and other expenses, selling bitcoins to friends, paying for services online, lending bitcoins, transacting money from here /Taiwan/ to Europe etc) and I keep hearing how expensive and slow it is.

Apart from the network being spammed every once in a while I never have any issues using it and I end up in a block within 10 minutes most of the time. I always use the highest fee in my Trezor wallet which is usually only a cent or so higher than the "normal" fee.

To prove my point, here is my recent transaction using the highest possible fee (0.09 EUR in my case) which is ~5500% lower than what I'd pay just for the "privilege" of having a bank account back home in Europe (regardless of the usage). Please note, that the confirmation estimate in Trezor is wrong, the transaction was confirmed within 10 minutes as most of the time.

Anyway, I'm really grateful for everything people involved in Bitcoin do. THANK YOU! I don't think many people actually realize the implications of being your own bank and really owning the fruits of your labor.

Sorry, I needed to vent my frustration. I'm just tired and pissed off hearing all the FUD on the other subreddit and shit talking about Core devs and how shitty, slow and unusable Bitcoin is when in fact I think it's the opposite.

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Super Noob. Looking for a site like Paxful but less expensive!! (reddit.com)

Hi guys. Very new to bitcoin. Paxful seemed like a site I wanted to use. I want to buy bitcoin with either cash deposit to account in Canada or with Visa Gift cards. This site seemed like an easy one stop shop to do that. The exchange rates were insane though. The best rate I saw was 78c to the dollar. Any recommendations?