At one point today, the total market value lost by Facebook was $151 billion – representing the biggest one day stock wipeout in history – and more than the entire market cap of Bitcoin. – Which is really the bigger bubble at the moment?

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

A British TV star is suing Facebook for defamation over 'scam' bitcoin adverts

But he said scammers are using his reputation to ensnare people into bitcoin and Cloud Trader "get-rich-quick schemes" through fake adverts on Facebook. The ads are fronts for binary trading firms, which he said are a "financially dangerous, near-certain money-loser." A sample of two Facebook ads …
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Greedy Facebook Versus Ideological Telegram: Why Principles Matter (

Something happened this week that rarely occurs, history offered up a side-by-side comparison with a control. Heads of respective social network and messaging platforms Facebook and Telegram were each brought before their home governments, the United States for Mark Zuckerberg, Russia for Pavel Durov. How the two men responded is telling, and should inform everyone concerned with privacy, especially cryptocurrency enthusiasts.
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