Does the fact that the 100 richest bitcoin addresse adding/not selling off prove promising for Bitcoin? (

So in my head, these people with loads of money in bitcoin have got to know a thing or two about making money, based on the sheer amount in their wallets. Does this mean it is more likely that bitcoin will succeed or is it possible for these rich list people to be bagholders? It’s just a thought. If it proves usesful, could that be a good indicator of when or when not to sell? Also would it be likely that these richest Bitcoin wallets are mostly exchange wallets? Thoughts would be…


Fun Fact: The number of SegWit transactions is already higher than the total amount of BCH transactions

Let's take a short break from trolling and FUDing and look at the facts for a change.

Avg. # of BTC Segwit tx (10-block-average): 47 (increasing)

block 484379 total: 2255 Segwit: 25 block 484380 total: 2019 Segwit: 41 block 484381 total: 1945 Segwit: 46 block 484382 total: 2236 Segwit: 51 block 484383 total: 2083 Segwit: 33 block 484384 total: 2637 Segwit: 63 block 484385 total: 1700 Segwit: 43 block 484386 total: 2420 Segwit: 46 block 484387 total: 1790 Segwit: 62 block 484388 total: 2570 Segwit: 59 

Avg. # BCH tx (per block, 24-hour-average): 38 (stagnant)

(good thing that BCH has that 8MB blocksize!)

Fact: 47 > 38

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Amid the scaling frenzy, this astonishing fact is often overlooked: The Bitcoin network hashrate has DOUBLED in the last 5 months, tripled in the last 9 months, and now sits at over 5 Exahash/s. That's 5,000,000,000,000,000,000 hashes every second… with