A factor driving bitcoin's rally could be that people think owning it gives them social status

Analysts from Bernstein Research compared the recent demand for bitcoin to markets in China's anti-ageing medicine and high-end liquor. Their research considered the characteristics of a Veblen good — a product which gains its appeal from the social status attained by owning it. The analysts also …
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Why not multiply “six confirmations” and divide Time-Between-Blocks and Reward by the same factor?

It seems that choosing a good factor to use to expand Bitcoin’s capacity is a good idea. The software would divide some of its calculated values by this factor, such as the target time between blocks during difficulty calculation, the number of blocks between difficulty adjustments, and the subsidy. To achieve the security of “one hour’s worth of hashing power,” the recommendation for confirmations would be multiplied by this factor. It seems that using a factor of two from time to time (whenever the community finds it valuable) would be appropriate.

Let’s suppose we choose a factor N. This will allow the blockchain itself to grow N times as fast, providing N times the transaction fees to miners, multiplying the number of rewards by N (but dividing the reward itself by N), dividing the average wait for a confirmation by N, and multiplying the rate at which transactions are confirmed by N. This also reduces the variance of mining revenue.

This allows time (instead of network bandwidth and computer memory) to be used to expand the carrying capacity of the bitcoin ecosystem. Should such a proposal be written into a BIP?

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DAO Vulnerability Raises Questions of Trust and the Human Factor

The discussion and debate around the DAO vulnerability raises questions about trust and the human factor in the evolving realm of distributed ledger technology, Sean Neville, co-founder and president of Circle, noted in a Medium blog. Trust in the safety of assets and data in blockchain systems does not depend on human gatekeepers, Neville noted. But […]

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