Israeli Regulator Investigating Public “Bitcoin” Company for False Claims (

Bitcoin mania has taken over the business world. Companies from India to Long Island are rushing to add bit, coin, crypto or blockchain to their names. As that is the case it would not be a big surprise if some have also stretched the definition of what they do too far just to have some connection to cryptocurrency. Now Israeli financial authorities have to decide how much hype is too much.  
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Don't be fooled by the false dilemma (

False Dilemma It appears there’s a false dilemma being promulgated lately — that the future of bitcoin will be either BIP148 or segwit2x. I just want to highlight that there are actually many options, the most likely of which is for Bitcoin to remain exactly as it is. Don’t be swayed by hype and FUD. And don’t succumb to impatience/anxiety. Segwit is great, and because it’s great it won’t disappear…


False error notifcation (double spent) ‘code’ => -4, ‘message’

Now and than I seem to get a consistent false error notification.

Error message:

Request error: array ( ‘code’ => -4, ‘message’ => ‘Error: The transaction was rejected! This might happen if some of the coins in your wallet were already spent, such as if you used a copy of the wallet and coins were spent in the copy but not marked as spent here.’, ).

After the notifcation the getbalance and getbalance ” ‘1’ are in conflict. Getbalance not showing the actual balance correct anymore. Despite the error the bitcoin transactions gets broadcasted correctly on to the network and within a couple of days (most of the time) the transactions get processed successfully.

Info on client

{   "version": 130000,   "protocolversion": 70014,   "walletversion": 130000,   "balance": 13.56365098,   "blocks": 455269,   "timeoffset": 0,   "connections": 8,   "proxy": "",   "difficulty": 440779902286.5892,   "testnet": false,   "keypoololdest": 1488349424,   "keypoolsize": 100,   "paytxfee": 0.00150000,   "relayfee": 0.00010000,   "errors": "" } 

Anyone here having the same problems lately?

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Speculation of a Major Bank’s Bitcoin Wallet Is False

Contrary to speculation and discussion from earlier today, Dutch banking giant ABN AMRO is not working on or releasing a bitcoin wallet to its customers as a part of its banking services. Social media was abuzz with speculation that a bitcoin wallet might be in the offing by ABN AMRO , a major European bank […]

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Wikipedia Bitcoin page false info about Wright

I just see to Bitcoin Wikipedia page this

[quote]Craig Steven Wright has claimed to be the creator of bitcoin. Wright, named himself as the creator of bitcoin in a BBC news interview. Wright apparently proved his claim by using 'signature' bitcoins associated with its inventor. Wright said 'his admission is an effort to end speculation about the identity of the originator of the currency.' In December 2015, Wired and Gizmodo, magazines also named Wright as likely to be bitcoin's creator.[88][/quote]

this is completely false info and lure to misunderstanding. I dont know who are the editors of this article. The article is semi lock and i cannot edit. First Wright never sign a transaction. Second Gizmodo and Wired in the end and with new article announce that they have do mistake about wright claims. This hoaxer's name must remove from bitcoin wikipedia asap.

edit 1: it seems wikipedia page has corrected. It says now "Craig Steven Wright has claimed to be the creator of bitcoin in a BBC news interview in 2016.[131] He offered to prove this claim cryptographically several days later, without offering an explanation of the delay. The circumstantial proof he provided was picked apart by cryptography experts[132], with one describing it as "flimflam and hokum".[133]"

edit 2: i think we must remove completely the Wright name from wikipedia bitcoin page. He has nothing to do with bitcoin history, he is not part of it.

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