Trump is great for Bitcoin. No one wants USD when the US is in a trade war and now he’s criticizing the Federal Reserve. Great for BTC!

If Trump gets re-elected in 2020 BTC is going to do very very well I think. I believe Trumps escalation of the trade wars will be very beneficial for BTC. BTC will thrive in chaos. Who needs BTC if there's no chaos? If there's no chaos then USD will be strong. I like to think of Bitcoin as the anti-USD because they are both competing for the world reserve currency of the future and Bitcoin has a much better chance at dethroning the USD than the USD has at keeping that position. Trump probably hates BTC because it does nothing for the US and he's a nationalist. In fact his trade war isn't just bad for the USD, but it's bad for every countries fiat currency involved which is fantastic news for crypto hodlers. People with a lot of fiat are looking for alternatives and they're likely to buy Bitcoin and Gold in my opinion.

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