Fellow cult members, preparations must be made for the incoming $1000 mark.

We must begin the ritual of our Bitcoin members to summon /u/tothemoonguy his time is almost upon us.

But when he is summoned the conditions must be perfect as we approach the first chapter of world dominance over the uninitiated fiat normies.

To do this we will need to gather several items.

  • the tears of Paul Krugman
  • a single thread from an alpaca sock purchased with bitcoin
  • crumbs from the original bitcoin pizza that sold for 10,000 BTC
  • one Open Dime unit
  • A piece of paypal swag, a hat, a shirt.
  • one hardware wallet
  • a single strand of Satoshi Nakomoto's hair
  • any narcotic ordered from the darknet
  • one currency note from every nation on earth

These items must be placed in a bowl in the center of a Bitcoin symbol on the floor surrounded by 21 candles. The items must be doused in a mixture of honeybadger blood and gasoline.

At $ 950 we light the fire and stand in silence waiting for the next price rise.

We wait until 975, then we all stand in a circle with kazoos mindlessly blowing away on them. When we hit $ 995 we begin chanting together in harmony…





At the time of alignment our lord of special times will appear as we enter the age of crypto.

We will then disperse and tell the world, "we told you so!" and laugh smugly everywhere we go.

this entire post is sarcastic, please do not track Paul Krugman down and make him cry.

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