New Ransomware-as-a-Service Arrives, Encrypts Most Files Within Minutes (

FrozrLock, the ransomware discovered by the BleepingComputer team with early tips and guidance of security researcher David Montenegro and Avast security research Jakub Kroustek, is a new type of a ransomware-as-a-service tool which began to infect devices and servers since April 16.
Although its origin is yet to be disclosed, researchers state the ransomware first started to operate in Russia. In a private conversation with BleepingComputer, Kroustek…


What are the .dat files? And what’s the difference between a blk00000 and a rev00000?

I’m studying about the blockchain and I just downloaded it. I have 816 .dat files and for every file named as blk#.dat (where # is a five digits number) I have a rev#.dat file, What does it mean?? How can I work with them if I need to visualize them on Gephi??

Thank you so much!!Preciated!!

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Ransomeware : Decrypt files got encrypted by cerber program

One of my friend, By mistake executed .bat file. By which a opensans.tff file was moved to temp directory and was executed using run command. Outcome was that the program pulled all the files with extention like

  1. .jpg
  2. .png
  3. .docx
  4. etc

And converted this files in to encrypted files. Which are not in readable format. Now, the catch here is that if i want thoes file back then I will have to pay ransome and that is BITCOIN

I did lots of info gathering but all in vain. I am not able to figure out any method of recovering them back.

Guys here i need help your help to fix this issue. Any method or approach to get those file will be appreciated.

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