Tax Filing Platform Teams with Zebpay to Help Crypto Taxpayers in India (

The largest tax filing platform in India, Cleartax, together with Zebpay, one of the leading Indian cryptocurrency exchanges, is uniting efforts to help Indians with their crypto taxes. The partnership aims to educate bitcoin investors and traders about the current tax laws and how they apply to reporting cryptocurrency incomes and profits.
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ETF Filing: Bitcoin is a ponzi and a pyramid scheme! (For people who deny that u/jstolfi (Jorge Stolfi) actively and SUCCESFULLY is trying to harm Bitcoin)

SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION (Release No. 34-79084; File No. SR-BatsBZX-2016-30)

(From today:)

One commenter disagreed with the notion that bitcoins are commodities; rather, the commenter likened bitcoins to be more like “penny stock” or shares of a ponzi scheme. The commenter notes that the market price of a bitcoin, like that of a penny stock or ponzi fund, is “entirely speculative, based on expectations of traders about future prices, which will be based on expectations of future expectations.” The commenter asserts that Bitcoin has the essential characteristics of a penny stock or a pyramid scheme: the profit of early investors comes entirely from the investment of later ones. In the commenter’s view, because bitcoins are primarily used for investment, bitcoins should be regulated like a security, in which case they should be regulated the same way a penny stock or ponzi fund would be. The commenter concludes that the proposed ETF does not add any productive mechanism to the underlying bitcoins, but rather makes bitcoins accessible to investments funds, such as retirement funds.

Jorge Stolfi's original ETF comment, the SEC is referring to:

EDIT: and he's already bragging about it: (at r\buttcoin)


"My ego at the moment looks like Mark Karpelès's office chair, only bright red. But I would have preferred a straight "rejected", of course."

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