Reminder: Congress has no authority to tell you what currency you may use in legal voluntary transactions. You have a right to financial privacy and it is your RESPONSIBILITY to Defend it.

Stop cucking around with this congressional power grab. Instead tell those leeching fucks in D.C. to get the fuck out your biz, they are obsolete and have no authority. GTFO with that bullshit bill.

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Despite all the financial struggles, I opened the first ATM Bitcoin in Kosovo because I believe in Bitcoin.

I'm doing my part in helping the community grow and I'm happy for it 🙂

Edit: i didn't post this for donations but if kind redditors want to help me, this is my address


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50 Bitcoin Exchanges Have Filed with the Japanese Financial Authority (

The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA) has revealed that about 50 bitcoin exchanges have filed registration documents with the agency, according to a local publication. They are now being reviewed for compliance.
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50 Digital Currency…