Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bitcoin Bulls Find Respite Along Major Support Lines (

Over the last week, bitcoin has seen an aggressive markdown from the $ 12,000s to the $ 6,000s — a 50% move in 7 days. Right now, a battle between the bulls and the bears is under way as the market is trying to decide if today’s rally is a temporary bottom or a decisive end to the aggressive bitcoin bear market:Figure 1: BTC-USD, 1-Day Candles, Macro TrendTo date, the market has broken number lines of support including the daily 200 EMA. The daily 200 EMA has been a strong support for the last…


I’m going into a scan to find out if my cancer is going to end my life in a few months, or if I still have a fighting chance. Bitcoin is only money! Don’t worry if you lose some currency here or there!

Wish me luck! Maybe I'll be a little more rich with my .19coins when I wake up in a few hours!

And here is me, hating my life, 20min after surgery. Yes that is a picture blanket of all of the family/friends and it is the absolute best gift I've ever gotten. Me after my scope

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