Chaincode Labs is hosting a week-long Lightning Applications Residency in New York at the end of October. Great opportunity for a deep dive into the Lightning Network, including great mentors, a free flight and free accomodation! ⚡

Chaincode Labs is hosting a week-long Lightning Applications Residency on Oct 22-26 2018. We're looking for awesome applications developers to come and spend a week with us where they'll learn about building on top of Lightning from our expert speakers and deliver a working project by the end of the week. The residency is free, and Chaincode will cover flight and accommodation costs.



Dates: Oct 22-26 2018

Location: New York

Cost: Free

Speakers: Alex Bosworth, Chris Stewart, Christian Decker, Elaine Ou, Justin Camarena, Jack Mallers, Lightningk0ala

Anyone interested should apply at with descriptions of their experience building applications and a project in mind that they want to build.

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