Bitcoin heist suspect reportedly walked out of low-security prison, onto flight

As Ars has reported previously, given that electricity is relatively cheap in Iceland compared to other parts of Europe—thanks to the country's plentiful geothermal energy—Bitcoin mining has been in high demand despite Iceland's population of just over 300,000 people. Later this year, Bitcoin mining is …
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Taiwanese Airline to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments for Flight Tickets (

Asia is probably the most cryptocurrency receptive part of the world where, in addition to a strong bitcoin trading mania, you can already find many regular companies accepting crypto payments to attract new clients. Asian consumers now have yet another way to spend their bitcoin: buying flight tickets for travel around the region.
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Stripe in Bitcoin hype flight while fans blindly gobble up crypto-cash

Roundup Payment biz Stripe on Tuesday said it plans to phase out support for Bitcoin payments – citing declining interest among merchants and rising transactions times and fees. "[W]e've seen the desire from our customers to accept Bitcoin decrease," said Stripe product manager Tom Karlo. "And of …
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Just tried to book a flight ticket using paypal. Guess what I discovered?

I live outside of the United States and have a US bank account, but my debit card is expired. My Paypal account is linked with my US bank account and it is the payment method I use when I want to spend my US bank account's funds. So, today, when booking a trip in the US, I naturally searched for websites that accepted Paypal.

I was surprised to find out I didn't actually have that many options (only AA and Southwest accepted Paypal and neither of them had the tickets I wanted). So, I was about accept that I was going to use my home country's credit card and pay a bunch of fees + ~8% in taxes that our local government charges on purchases made overseas, until I stopped for a moment and decided to search for websites that accepted bitcoin, just for the sake of it (I naturally thought there wouldn't be any)

Guess what… I found both CheapAir and BtcTrip with plenty of options and competitive prices. I ended up booking my flight with CheapAir and already got my tickets.

On top of that, this was my first purchase using bitcoin!

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