Bitcoin's Next Year in Tech Development Is Coming into Focus

Developers of the most popular bitcoin implementation software have big dreams of crafting a truly global form of money, and as such, you can say they have a lot on their plates. The breadth of their to-do lists was easy to see at a recent annual meeting in New York, where, in a change of pace from the …
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When did the value of crypto become the only thing we focus on?

I remember hearing about a new revolutionary currency that was going to change the world, bank the unbanked, and allow anyone in the world to instantly send each other money. The plan was about peace, love, harmony, and bringing the world together as one. When I look at reddit, twitter, forums, or the news, the only thing people are talking about now is the market, and how much the prices are going up. Did everyone forget what the original plan was?

Sure the markets are great for media exposure, but wow did things change in the past few years. Money has converted this movement into a war. Greed has taken over. People are more concerned about their coin "going to the moon" than helping others.

I realize I sound like a hippy, but I'm just throwing my thoughts out there. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays, a time to consider helping each other.

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Bitcoin – The Currency of the Internet

With 2x done. Can we please reunite our community? Ignore the forks and focus on Bitcoin people, there’s much work to be done.

As we see the efforts of 2x evaporate we need to come back together as a community. If this doesn't provide everyone in this community a valuable lesson, it's that Bitcoin needs community consensus. Being divisive with political rhetoric doesn't help scale bitcoin and neither do these "signed agreements".

We need better tools for measuring consensus that extend beyond miners signaling or companies signing agreements. These obviously do not reflect consensus at all. Otherwise we're going to keep repeating these upgrade battles.

I hope companies have learned their lesson in supporting these forks that have wasted resources they could've been using supporting Bitcoin.

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Laser Focus on BTC1 repos: "I guess a miner needs to create a big block now for the chain to continue…" (

The resourceful BarryCoin developers have a solution for everything. For example, what to do when the blockchain stops moving? “I’m not sure what solution was selected to ensure we’ve got this covered when live – assuming we’ll have enough of a backlog of transactions in the mempool doesn’t seem like a reliable option.” It seems they might need Ver to help them out with some old school mempool spam. Testnet stuck on block 27070…