Thailand SEC Approves First-Ever Foreign ICO Screening Portal

Thailand Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved a portal that would screen Initial Coin Offering projects (ICOs). The securities regulator told the Bangkok Post they interviewed “roughly” 7-8 portals for the job of selecting ICOs, conducting due diligence, reviewing smart contract codes, and verifying the know-your-customer process. Eventually, the SEC’s board of directors approved one ICO portal out of all. The commission refused to share any further details about the selected company, except that it was a non-Thailand venture. Archari Suppiroj, the SEC’s director of Fintech, confirmed that the commission had forwarded its selection to the relevant government agencies, including

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Government of Iran Bans Foreign Fiat Currency Exchanges (

It appears that the Iranian people are losing trust in the rial as it continues to depreciate in value. In response, the government of Iran is trying to prevent them from getting their hands on foreign currency, providing another example of the need for bitcoin. We should expect to see a growth in local bitcoin use as this situation develops, just as has happened in Venezuela and elsewhere.
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Venezuela Found Foreign Investors for Petro Cryptocurrency Pre-Sale Starting This Month (

Venezuela says it has found a number of foreign investors for the pre-sale of its “oil-backed” national cryptocurrency, the petro. Starting this month, Venezuela is expected to pay companies from Brazil, Poland, Dinamarca, Honduras, Norway, Vietnam, and other nations for food and medicine imports with the petro.
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